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Our company was born here in Winter Haven and we have been serving the entire Polk County area for over 3 years. With over 8 years total experience in bee removal, we have helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners by removing thousands of bee and wasp colonies. If you notice a large swarm or colony of bees or wasps, contact us today.

Bee Serious Jason
5 star review beekeeper
Jason was very courteous, knowledgeable and very professional! Not only did he come in and remove our problem but educated us on the process! We highly recommend him for all your bee needs! Thank you so much!

Jodie S.

5 star review beekeeper
We had a swarm of bees that set up housekeeping next to our driveway. Called Bee Serious, they came out the next morning.took care of the problem. They were professional and very nice. Explained everything they were going to do, and did it a reasonable price. Do yourself a favor and don't use anyone else.

Sharon S.

5 star review beekeeper

Professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. Did an excellent job and even explained everything he had to do fully so that I understood the reasoning. He even saved the bees instead of using chemicals to kill them. Great work!

Sean C.

Honey Bee Removal Services

Wither over 8 years experience in bee removal, we remove all types of bee colonies. Honey Bees are very resourceful when it comes to finding a home. The smallest opening can become an entry way for bees to create a massive colony. This can be in your home, shed, or even place of business. They are also known for building large aerial nests in tree branches or on telephone poles.

Yellow Jacket Removal Services

One of the most common wasps we deal with are Yellow Jackets. These little yellow and black wasps create massive underground and above ground nests that can consist of up to 100,000 individuals. It is unwise to attempt and remove these yourself. They are extremely aggressive defenders of their nest and can sting repeatedly without dying, unlike honey bees.

Bee Removal For All Of Polk County

No matter where you live in Polk County, the pros here at Bee Serious can help you. We provide a safe and fast bee removal solution.


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