What are Nucs for Bees?

“Nucs” is a short term for “Nucleus”, which is a smaller colony or “Split” of a larger bee colony. Bee Nucs usually consist of a Queen, 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey and a frame of pollen/nectar. They are usually purchased by beekeepers to create a new colony in their apiary.

How A Bee Nuc Is Created.

Most commonly, nucs are created by beekeepers using a process called splitting. Splitting is the process of removing 5 frames from an already established colony of bees and placing them in a Nuc Box with a new queen. This is a common practice by beekeepers to either add to their own apiary or to create nucs of bees for sale. When creating Nucs, we highly suggest Jester EZ Nucs for their reliability and ease of use.

Common uses for Bee Nucs.

Novice and experienced beekeepers alike commonly use them to create or add to their apiary. They usually come in 5 frame Nuc Boxes and can be delivered or picked up from your local beekeeper. Bee Nucs are also used for mating new queens, re-queening colonies and reducing overcrowding in hives.

Where to Buy Nucs?

Start by searching online for beekeepers near you. That’s where you’ll find the best quality nucs for sale. This way you can also meet the beekeeper, view the quality of their stock and ensure safe transport to your own apiary. We offer loaded, 5 frame Bee Nucs For Sale with quality queens, brood and honey. They come in an easy to transport Jester EZ Nuc Packaging and we have a video on how to best install your Nucs for new beekeepers.

We hope this helps answer your question about Bee Nucs. If we missed anything or if you have any questions, leave us a comment below!



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