Wasp Removal Services

With over 10 years of experience, we are Central Florida's leading wasp removal service. If you notice that your home or business has a wasp infestation, call Bee Serious as soon as possible to make sure that your family or business are safe. Our team is fully licensed and qualified and we even offer 24 hour emergency service, so give us a call today!


Wasp Nest Removal

As soon as you are aware of a wasp nest, there is no time to waste. Whether they are around your rain gutters, in your tool shed or in a nearby tree, wasps can become extremely aggressive when tampered with, so call us for a free estimate and fast, professional service.


Wasp Swarm Removal

The first warm days of Spring means that hibernating wasps are looking for a new place to call home, resulting in swarms that are nothing shy of terrifying. If a well established nest is tampered with, wasps will swarm the person or animal who is responsible, this is bad news.


All Types Of Wasps

Whether Yellow Jackets, Mud daubers, paper wasps or red wasps, we remove them all. These pesky stinging insects can make a mess of your home or business in no time. Contact a wasp removal professional before the infestation becomes a serious threat.


Residential Wasp Removal Services

Have you recently noticed a wasp infestation in or around your home? Call us today for a free estimate and professional service to make sure your family is safe. We can remove wasps from any location around your home:


  • Interior walls and floors
  • Exterior walls, roof and soffits
  • Fireplace and chimney
  • Tool sheds and garages
  • Light poles and surrounding trees

Commercial Wasp Removal

Wasps will stop at nothing to find the perfect spot to build their nest and this can become a huge problem for your business. To ensure safety for you, your employees and customers or passersby, call Bee Serious immediately to avoid a painful situation. Major cities and companies trust Bee Serious with their wasp problems:


  • The City Of Orlando
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Tampa Electric Company
  • The City Of Lakeland
5 star review beekeeper

Jason and his crew were awesome! I had a nest in my yard and while doing yard work, my dad was swarmed! I called Jason and they were here within a few hours. They removed the nest (in ground) and sprayed! I recommend him to anyone who needs their services!!

Michelle B.

Clermont, FL
5 star review beekeeper

As a fellow beekeeper, I spent the day shadowing Mr. Deeringer. What a great person & what a caring individual! He's very professional at his tasks. I was able to see him work on many locations. When able, he relocates honey bee colonies. His pricing is very reasonable & I highly recommend him!

Angel M.

5 star review beekeeper

Jason is wonderful! He took care of a bee problem that I had at my business. Very prompt, professional, & he even educated my children during the process (which they thought was super cool)! I highly recommend his services.

Justin N.

Wasp Infestation?

If you have a Yellow Jacket or wasp infestation, contact us immediately. We pride ourselves in providing an affordable wasp removal solution in the Central Florida area. We have helped thousands of customers with a quality wasp removal service over the past 10 years.