Here at Bee Serious, we specialize in bee removal, wasp removal, pollination, and more. With over 10 years experience, we're a local business you can trust your home, family, and business with.

florida bee removal

Bee Removal Services

Bee removal is our specialty! We remove and relocate bees and hives to a location where both the bees and the public are safe. We strive to use this method over eradication to help save populations and the ecosystems they maintain.

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Wasp Removal

A common nuisance here in Central Florida, wasps and hornets can create massive colonies unbeknownst to the property owners in a short period of time and are a safety hazard to you, your children and pets.

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queen bee and nuc sales

Nuc and Queen Sales

Bee Serious maintains a massive Bee Yard here in Central Florida with several different varieties of bees. We have a large selection of quality queens and colonies.

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5 star review beekeeper

I highly recommend using Bee Serious! Jason was extremely prompt, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I learned so much from him. He was also able to save the bees instead of killing them like some of the other companies wanted to do. So, thank you Bee Serious! We're very happy!

Cindi T.

5 star review beekeeper

As a fellow beekeeper, I spent the day shadowing Mr. Deeringer. What a great person & what a caring individual! He's very professional at his tasks. I was able to see him work on many locations. When able, he relocates honey bee colonies. His pricing is very reasonable & I highly recommend him!

Angel M.

5 star review beekeeper

Bee Serious and Jason provide a service that can only be described as outstanding. I've seen his work in bee removal and his dedication to both the quality of his work and his true love for beekeeping. I recommend Bee Serious without reservation!

Jim B.

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