Large and Defensive Bee Swarm Removal in Orlando

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This is Jason, owner of Bee Serious Bee Removal. Here we have a bee swarm removal we did this morning for Winter Park Construction in Oviedo, FL. They located the swarm under one of their construction trailers.

We shake the bees in front of the 5 Frame NUC so they can establish the front of the hive and emulate the process of moving into the hive. We also dump a smaller part of the swarm on top of the hive.

We’ve noticed that if you dump an entire swarm on top of a NUC, it sort of shocks them. Honey bees naturally crawl into a void to create a colony, so we want to get as close to this process as possible. This is called The March.

For live bee removal and swarm relocations, this is our preferred method. It takes them a couple hours to move into the NUC and we’ll leave the NUC for a couple days to let them get established before relocating them to an apiary.

This swarm in particular was pretty defensive, an unusual trait for most bee swarms. But hey, who likes being sucked up into a vacuum right?

When you use a bee vacuum properly, you have very little loss in the swarm. It’s all a matter of taking your time, using the vacuum slowly and smoothly.  Don’t rush the process or you risk killing the bees.

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  1. bill Carpenter on July 31, 2017 at 4:27 am

    how do you tell them that they are suppose to march into the box?

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