How Not To Remove Bees… Juan and his Shed

This is a new series of posts we’ll be doing called How not to remove bees. Throughout the years as bee removal experts, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to bee infestations and the creative ways people try to remove them. More often than not, it results in someone getting stung and that someone calling us.

In this first edition, we meet Juan. Juan’s a great guy, a great guy with a bee problem under his shed. Since the colony was small and outdoors, he figured he’d try his hand at removing them. Here you can see the developing hive located under Juan’s shed. It’s a young colony, it’s also an established colony, which means they will defend the hive if threatened.

how not to remove bees under shed

bee hive under shed

Juan attempted to remove the bees himself. 4 times to be exact. The 4th (and final) time he tried, he was stung and had an adverse reaction to the venom resulting in a trip to the hospital. Here you can see where he moved the blocks around his shed and set a fire in an attempt to smoke the bees out.

smoke bees under shed

smoking the bees from under the shed

It didn’t work… So Juan picked up the phone and called Bee Serious Bee Removal to help him with the problem. When we showed up, Juan was already dressed up in his home made bee removal suit. The whole removal took us 45 minutes and the problem was gone. This is just to serve as a reminder, attempting to remove a bee hive, no matter the size, can result in a dangerous situation for you and those around you. Avoid getting stung and contact a bee removal service today for a quality service done right the first time.

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