Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bee removal cost?

Variables such as accessibility, size, and age can affect the price of a bee removal. After a comprehensive inspection to determine the location of the colony and a detailed description of our removal process are given, a set price will be agreed upon before we start. No open-ended pricing!

Does your bee removal come with a warranty?

Yes, our warranties depend upon the Bee Removal service provided. Warranties can range from 30 days to 12 months.

What is a live removal?

A live bee removal means that during the removal process, we make every effort to save and relocate the honey bees. The relocated hives will be re-queened with a European queen and then placed into Jason’s production hives to make delicious honey.

What are Africanized bees?

The Africanized honey bee is a subspecies of the honey bee that we have had in the southwest United States for over 20 years and here in Florida for 7 to 10 years. Africanized bees look the same as the European honey bee; they sting the same, and make the same honey. They just tend to have a more defensive behavior than the average European honey bee.

What does eradication mean?

As much as I am an advocate for saving bees, there are situations where the risk outweighs the benefit of saving them. The public’s safety is a top priority; therefore sometimes we must eradicate the colony to ensure safety. These are normally hives located in high structures or are overly aggressive colonies.

Who can legally remove bees?

The Florida Department of Agriculture allows licensed and insured pest control companies and registered beekeepers to do bee removals. Bee Serious LLC is a fully licensed and insured pest control company and the owner, Jason Deeringer, is a registered beekeeper in the state of Florida. We do not recommend trying to remove bees on your own as it can be very difficult and dangerous. Handling bees can be tricky and the proper equipment, expertise and knowledge are required to ensure the safety of people and animals in the surrounding area.

I found a large cluster of honeybees hanging from a tree limb in my yard. What is it and what can I do?

This is known as a swarm. They typically take place in the spring time and are part of the natural method of reproduction.  It is when a queen leaves a colony along with a large amount of worker bees to produce a new colony. On average, swarms consist of about 5,000 bees and are about the size of a football.  Bees are usually the most docile in this process but you should still keep children and pets away until the bees leave. They will usually rest on a tree, bush or external structure for a few days before moving in and establishing a new home. If they stay for more than a few days, the next option would be bee removal. The sooner you address the problem, the less honey comb that will need to be removed therefore saving you money.

Why isn’t spraying the bees enough to solve the problem?

Spraying the bees will kill the colony; it’s just not an effective solution to the problem. If the bees have been in the wall for more than a few days, more than likely they have already formed wax and honey in the wall. The longer the colony has been there, the larger the amount of comb and honey there will be. If you just spray and leave, the remaining honeycomb can attract other bees, or ferment and run down the wall. This can lead to bigger pest problems in the future.

Do you do repairs?

No, our job is to minimize the structural damage so that you can have it easily repaired. Most removals require small cosmetic repairs that can be performed by any handy man or contractor.

How many times have you been stung?

Too many to count!

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