Bee Serious Bee Removal in the Orlando Sentinal

In case you missed it, Bee Serious was featured in the Orlando Sentinel a couple years ago. Although it’s been a while, the information is still prevalent today. The article touches on the topic of a strained bee population here in Florida and what the contributing factors are. It also talks about how a comeback for many different species is being supported by local beekeepers and hobbyist’s around the state. You can check out that article here on the Orlando Sentinel website.

The best part about the article is how local government is starting to get serious about how vital it is to maintain a healthy, thriving bee population. Not only important for a beautiful garden, these little guys are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of all agriculture in the state. Needless to say, a decline in healthy bees can become a huge issue across the board.

Jason, owner of Bee Serious Bee Removal was featured in an article about Killer Bees in the Orlando Sentinel a couple years ago.

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