Bee Nucs For Sale

Perfect for backyard beekeepers, Sideliners and Professionals alike. We grow and breed quality honey bees to benefit any size apiary.

  • Quality Italian Queens & Colonies
  • 5 Frame Nucs Packed With 20k to 40k Bees
  • Pre-Packaged and Ready for Transport
  • Grown Locally in Our Own Apiary


$185.00 (Pickup) / $250.00 (Delivery) Sold Out!

High Quality Queen Stock

All of our Italian Honey Bee Queens are stocked from both Miksa Honey Farms, Andy Miksa Honey Farms and Indian Summer Farms. We only select the best queens for our Nucs. Newly mated in the Bee Serious Apiary, the queens are bred here in Florida. We pride ourselves in maintaining complete control over the genetics of our colonies. Every 5 frame nuc we sell comes fully loaded and packed with bees. These include 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey and 1 frame of pollen/nectar.

Bee and Beekeeper Friendly Frames

All of our Nucs include 5 Frames. Our wooden frames are manufactured by South Florida Bee supply. Our wooden frames are paired with a Black Plastic foundation made by Acorn Beekeeping. This black plastic foundation helps folks in identifying brood. The brood contrasts very well against the black and is easy to spot. Our Nuc's may also contain Acorn's all plastic frame, which is also black.

acorn plastic bee nuc frames
Jester EZ Nuc Bee Boxes

Jester EZ Nuc Boxes

Their corrugated, plastic construction makes them stronger than your regular cardboard nuc box. Honey bees can easily chew through the cardboard. They feature a 3/4” gap above and below the frames for feeding, queen cages, and medication. The nucs are well ventilated, open easily, close easily and make transportation to your apiary a breeze.

How To Install Your 5 Frame Nuc

Transporting and installing your 5 frame nuc may seem a little intimidating for beginning beekeepers, but it's a very simple, straightforward task. Jason shows you how simple it is to install your new nuc and shares some pointers to help you get the most out of your new colony.

Get Your 5 Frame Nucs Today

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Bee Nucs For Sale Testimonials

We purchased our first nuc from Jason this weekend....I was asking him SO many questions about how to insure we are successful first timers, and he was amazing. He was so patient with me and so willing to share his extensive knowledge of bees! We look forward to this new beekeeping adventure with Jason by our side. (And he has an adorable dog!!!). Thank you Jason!

Jana W.
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Easy Ordering

Use the form to reserve your bees. We will contact you to go over your pickup time and order total. We do not share your information used in this form. It's only used to contact you.

We Deliver and Setup

We offer delivery and installation of your new 5 Frame Nucs for an additional fee. We only deliver within an hour of our Apiary. We work with you to set delivery dates and times that work for your schedule.

Years of Experience

We are a professional Beekeepers based in Winter Haven and Orlando Florida. We have been in the business for over 10 years and pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our bees.