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What are Nucs for Bees?

What are "nucs" for bees?What are "nucs" for bees?

“Nucs” is a short term for “Nucleus”, which is a smaller colony or “Split” of a larger bee colony. Bee Nucs usually consist of a Queen, 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey and a frame of pollen/nectar. They are usually purchased by beekeepers to create a new colony in their apiary. How A…

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Large and Defensive Bee Swarm Removal in Orlando

bee swarm removal orlando

Hey folks, This is Jason, owner of Bee Serious Bee Removal. Here we have a bee swarm removal we did this morning for Winter Park Construction in Oviedo, FL. They located the swarm under one of their construction trailers. We shake the bees in front of the 5 Frame NUC so they can establish the…

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Bee Serious Bee Removal in the Orlando Sentinal

orlando sentinel bee removal

In case you missed it, Bee Serious was featured in the Orlando Sentinel a couple years ago. Although it’s been a while, the information is still prevalent today. The article touches on the topic of a strained bee population here in Florida and what the contributing factors are. It also talks about how a comeback…

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How Not To Remove Bees… Juan and his Shed

florida bee removal

This is a new series of posts we’ll be doing called How not to remove bees. Throughout the years as bee removal experts, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to bee infestations and the creative ways people try to remove them. More often than not, it results in someone getting stung and that someone…

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Backyard Beekeeping: A Rewarding Hobby

backyard beekeeping

No matter where you live, there are a variety of local bee species. Whether you want to keep local bees or buy a bee nuc, backyard beekeeping is a great idea for many reasons. You don’t need a lot of room to get it started and the upkeep is easy to maintain. Here are five reasons…

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What Is A Bee Vacuum?

what is a bee vacuum

If you own your own home, you are well aware of all the tiny little details that go along with the territory. Living in Florida, finding a beehive in your home is among one of the most common surprises you will face. Luckily, there are professionals who are more than happy to come out and…

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Home Remedies For Bee Stings

home remedies for bee stings

As we are all spending as much time outside as possible this Summer, accidents are going to happen. A simple hike can turn into a disaster after mistakenly getting too close to a bee hive and before you know it, you’re stung and in a lot of pain. The next time this happens, have no…

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Bees and Flowers: 5 Bee Friendly Plants For Your Garden

bees and flowers

While we specialize in bee removal,  we wanted to create this list of bee friendly plants to help attract our pollinating friends and improve your gardens. Spring is finally here and with the danger of frost out of the way, it’s time to get your garden back in shape. Before you get in too deep, there…

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Bees and Blueberry Farms

bees and blueberry farms

Now that Winter is finally over, the flowers are blooming and everything is coming back to life. Farmers are preparing and planting new crops and getting ready for a long season full of fruits and veggies. Aside from the infamous citrus industry, blueberry farms are a huge crop in sunny Florida. They are delicious, packed…

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Tips For Happy, Healthy Bees In Your Garden

honey bee in my garden

Inviting bees into your garden is quite simple: you plant the flowers, they come for the nectar. There are a few other things to keep in mind, though. Once everything is planted, easy garden maintenance is all it takes. Here are some tips for making sure you have the happiest, healthiest bees around. Avoid pesticides.…

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